Rita Burstein ~Skin Care Specialist~ 
Tasaris Le Salon, 334 Parker Street, Vacaville, 95688, CA | (707) 386 - 9882

Corrective Treatments

  •   Derma Glow Peel

   60 min   $125   (Series of 5   $495)

A modern and effective way of removing dead skin cells from the  surface of the skin. Provides the signal for rapid regeneration of new cells. Skin problems, such as a scar tissue, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation can be successfully treated.


  •  Lightening Chemical Peel

   30 min   $75   (Series of 5   $295)

A highly effective hydroquinone-free skin brightening peel that helps clarify and brighten skin tone reducing the appearance of pigmentation caused by sun, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.


  •   Vitamin C Chemical Peel

    30 min   $75   (Series of 5   $295)

This revolutionary peel changes the image of your skin in just one application. Gentle, but highly effective enzymes, Vitamin C, and glycolic acid speeds up cellular turnover brightening, lightening, and tightening your skin.


  •   Wrinkle Corrective Chemical Peel

    30 min   $75   (Series of 5   $295)

A unique cosmeceutical blend of  retinol and glycolic acid  removes the outer layer of the dead skin cells, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin looks polished  in just one treatment.


*I use only Dermalogica products — voted #1 skincare products in the World!


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